Friday, 19 September 2014

Black Wrap Jumpsuit

As much as I love longer jumpsuits, I'm very selective with the ones I buy! Too often they can fit badly or just don't feel comfortable enough for me to purchase them. This one happened to be one that made it's way into my closet quite spontaneously! I saw it hanging in the store, and decided to try it on just to 'see' what it looked like. After a few a minutes of deliberation in the change rooms, I decided to take it home with me. It's more of a harem fit in the bottoms, which is perfect for comfort, and the wrap front makes it a bit unique compared to other jumpsuits I've seen. It's also quite loose in reality, which I love- the casual look is definitely my favourite! 
I paired it with this oatmeal coloured cardigan, and my snake print slides. 
I'm also wearing my brown Balenciaga, which brought out the earthy tones in the rest of the look! 

 Have a lovely day everyone!! 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

D.I.Y Ripped Knees {3 Easy Steps}

I have been OBSESSED with ripped knees in my jeans lately, I've seen it on a lot of the fashion blogs I follow, and I couldn't wait until I had a pair of my own. As I mentioned in a previous post, I battled to find the perfect pair! So I decided to buy a pair of black skinnies, and do some DIY. 
It's the easiest thing to do, and makes the world of difference to simple skinny jeans. 
I bought a pair that already had a few frays (which I wanted) but you can just as easily do it on a plain pair! 

All you really need is a pair of jeans, a pair of scissors and some chalk (or in my case white eye shadow, haha) to mark the places you want to cut! 
1) Mark the places you want to cut (do this whilst you have the jeans on, it makes it easier!)
In this case, along the knees.
2) Cut along the line you've drawn in as straight a line as possible! 
3) Use the inside of the blades to rub along the cut, from left to right, to create a distressed look, with frays!
And there you have it, simple easy ripped knees! 

 Have a great day everyone!! 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Oversized Black Blazer

 Blazer- Cotton On//Jeans-Woolworths//Espadrilles-Mr.Price//Bag-Céline
I bought this blazer at the beginning of the year, and I've worn it quite a bit with plain black skinny jeans, but this outfit was the first time I wore it with my boyfriend jeans. I loved how it turned out! The casual, easygoing look from the slouchy boyfriend jeans, compliments the oversized, almost 'boyfriend' blazer. I decided to wear my floral espadrilles to keep the casual look going, and finished off with my Céline to add some structure to the outfit! 
 Have a great day everyone!! 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Mad For Polka Dots

Polka Dot Pants and Crop Top-Mr.Price//Heels-Zara//Vest- Country Road
These high waisted polka dots are so adorable, and they definitely reminded of the '50's style' that I absolutely love! I paired them with a simple white cropped top, and threw over my sleeveless vest for a smarter feel. I'm also wearing my Zara block heels, which as I've mentioned before, are so comfortable! I completed the outfit by accessorizing with my pearl necklace and white chained cuff... perfect for the overall look I was going for! 
Have a wonderful day everyone!! 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Beauty Saturday- {Favourite Red Lip Colours}

 Every girl needs one shade of red lip colour that she can fall back on again and again! It instantly adds that feeling of elegance and can give your confidence a boost whenever you apply it. For me, I like the subtle shade that can be worn day and night, I find the lighter red suits my skin tone much better than a darker shade. Here are a few of my must have red lip colours: 

1-Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Cherry Me (I love that it's a lip balm, so it moisturises your lips but still adds a slight gloss of red) 

2- (L-R) Revlon matte balm in Striking Spectaculaire, Revlon Just Bitten- Romantic, Revlon Matte Balm in Stand Out Remarquable (my go-to lip stains, I absolutely adore these shades and how opaque that are!)

3-Rimmel Apocalips- Rosetta (This is a much darker, striking colour in comparison to the others, but it lasts all day!) 

4- Labello Glamorous gloss- Red Ruby (another lip balm/gloss that gives off a sheer red tone and keeps your lips soft and moisturised!) 

5- Essence Almost Famous- (this lipstick is SO soft, and has a subtle sheen combined with a lighter red shade, it's perfect for everyday wear) 

6- Revlon Lip Butter- Candy Apple (I love that this lip butter is easy to apply, it glides on easily and gives off a light shine, and it's super moisturising too!) 

7- Rimmel Kate Moss Rosetto - (My final go to red lipstick has an undertone of coral/orange- which is lovely for Summer, it's not as intense as the Apocalips but it definitely stays in place during everyday happenings, including eating and drinking, which is definitely a plus in my eyes!) 

 Have a great day everyone!! 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Rose Print Two Piece

 Two Piece-Mr.Price//Hat-Mr.Price//Boots-Zara
Before winter happened upon us, this two piece, rose printed beauty appeared in Mr.Price. I decided to buy it, anticipating the warmer weather- when I would have the chance to wear it.
 That day happened to be Monday! It's safe to say Spring has definitely arrived! The skies were clear, and the weather was absolutely perfect for this floral outfit! I decided to almost 'toughen' up the otherwise girly look, with my cut out Zara booties and my black fedora hat. I loved the contrast between the prettiness of the two piece and the minimalistic 'grungy' feeling of the booties! 

 Have a lovely day everyone!!